The future of the Republic is up to you!

The country needs you! Select from 14 patriots (and some tyrants) and battle your way through the tree of liberty. Watchout for fireballs, slams, hurricane kicks and very fake news.


Choose your Patriot

Donald Trump


Extremely powerful ruler of the free world. Intelligent and handsome. Very high IQ. Fights like a trained assassin. Watchout for very fake news.

Hillary Clinton


Won the popular vote. Nasty woman. Extremely powerful trained assassin. Current president of the United States according to Fox News.

Bernie Sanders


Independent Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont. Strong supporter of Universal Health Care. 3rd Member of Run The Jewels.

Barack Obama


44th President of the United States. First African American President. US Senator. President of Harvard Law Review. The Marxist in Mom Jeans. GOAT.

Choose your weapon

Telling you which console to use is oppressive and tyrannical. This is about freedom. Freedom to chose how and where you want to play.

Have an iPhone? You can play. Android? No problem. PC Gamers, we built this for you. In 4K. Download from Steam for PC (or Mac).

We didn't stop there. XBox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation users can look for us in early 2018.

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Summon us

Don't contact us. We're just idiot game developers. Contact Congress. Call. Email. Tweet. Fax. Seriously get involved. Stay Woke! The future is up to you. If you really want to tell us how much you love the game and how happy it makes you, or you discovered a bug, hit us up on social media.

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